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d'Voxx have really raised the bar with a stunning sonic interpretation of the classic twentieth century novel “1984” by George Orwell. Not only that but they have the blessing and permission of the estate of the late Sonia Brownell Orwell to not just use the novel’s title but to directly quote from this seminal work.

Over the course of eight tightly focused tracks, which feature stunning sound design, what unfolds is a musical work that really captures the essence of this great work. Male and female voices quote from the novel as modular systems churn and chatter around their syllables. Throbbing sequence lines and incessant percussion grooves worm their way into your consciousness as the overall sense of unease and paranoia is gradually ramped up throughout the course of the album. Heartrending strings and melodic themes twist and turn to superimpose an emotional layer over the brutality of the underlying message.

Electronic Sound Magazine

"The album - approved by the Orwell estate - captures the spiralling tensions and the heart of the novel. An exquisite showcase of the possibilities of modular synths that simultaneously celebrates and transcends its source material."

Synth & Sequences

"d'Voxx dares the improbable by creating a multitude of threads of an electronic symphony for avant-garde rhythms that hits the soul of the book head-on."


“Télégraphe” unfolds over 9 tracks to create a sonic travelogue where each track segues into the next via field recordings at various subway stations throughout the world. The music both looks at the past with it’s tightly choreographed, Berlin School inspired sequence lines but wraps this in a gorgeous blanket of modern ambience. Some beautiful vintage Fender Rhodes adds to the textures via glitched up modular effects. What is most impressive though is the sheer musicality of the sequencing which is showcased in the glorious opening track “Opera”.


“The lovely opening melody of ‘Opera’ performed with an appropriately baroque attention to rhythm and melodic counterpoint, you soon realise you’re in the company of something special here.” 

Robin Rimbaud - SCANNER

“Télégraphe invites the listener to enter into a world of suspended disbelief, through an exquisitely elegant series of recordings that swirl forwards, ever in motion, refusing to rest in one place”


“This is a meticulously-constructed album. The carefully-sculptured sounds have been created precisely with a treasure trove of Eurorack sound modules and sequencers. It’s a beautifully melodic piece of work with flashes of inspired improvisation.”

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